7 June 2018: Business meeting in the german centre moscow

The German Centre Moscow in cooperation with Beiten Burkhardt held a Business Breakfast on the topic: “Key issues that a website owner should know: legal aspects (personal data and much more besides) and practical recommendations”.

The event was useful for companies, which have websites, managing directors, heads of departments working with websites. The topics featured were the following:

Personal data processing issues:

  • Online policy
  • Data localization (targeted collection, IP addresses, proxy, forwarding, links to the websites of third parties)
  • Online consent
  • Publication of data
  • Website metrics, cookie banners
  • User Agreement
  • New ЕС rules (GDPR)
  • Protection of a website from the perspective of IP legislation
  • Rules on using the website: requirements and recommendations
  • Information disclosure regulations applicable to the website owner (Impressum), Implications if it is found that the website owner organized the dissemination of information online.