9 October 2018: Business meeting in the German Centre Moscow

The German Centre Moscow in cooperation with Beiten Burkhardt held a Business Breakfast on the topic: “Anti-corruption policy: development of anti-corruption legislation, hidden risk areas”.

The event was useful for accountants, managers and managing directors interested in anti-corruption policies and legislation. The topics featured were the following:


  • Adopted and planned amendments to anticorruption legislation: increasing liability, protecting whistleblowers and other amendments 
  • Hidden risk areas: the specific activities (actions and inactions) of companies and their employees that can be assessed by the state authorities as corrupt
  • The business sectors facing charges of corruption most frequently: statistics and high-profile cases 
  • Methods used by the state authorities to obtain information: how to counter violations in this sector
  • Development of internal compliance programmes: what is changing and what is worth changing in company strategies to counter corruption