18 October 2018: Business Meeting in German Centre Moscow.

The German Centre Moscow in cooperation with Dr.Voigt & Partner held a Business Breakfast on the topic: "Mistakes in accounting and tax accounting: a review of the audit findings in 2017-2018"

The event was useful for accountants. The topics featured were the following:

Typical accounting mistakes that can arise while reporting individual operations: 

1.    Mistakes in accounting of fixed assets
2.    Mistakes in the formation of estimated liabilities
3.    Mistakes in the formation of estimated values
4.    Mistakes in accounting for financial investments-
5.    Mistakes in financial reporting
6.    Mistakes in the reflection of costs
7.    Mistakes related to the conduct (registration) of the inventory

Common mistakes in the calculation of taxes and fees:
1.    Income tax
2.    VAT
3.    Personal income tax
4.    Property tax