Perfect location in Moscow.

Technopark Nagatino i-Land.


Everything is in good reach around the German Centre Moscow. Using the metro is the fastest way to get around Moscow.


Shopping, living, and spending free time.

Around the German Centre.


The German Centre Moscow is located in the middle of a dynamic region next to the river Moskva.   

Banks and a huge shopping centre called Megapoliscenter, as well as modern apartments in Tehnoparkdom, have been already built. Hotels and many leasure time facilities are being build right now.

In five years you will not be able to recognize this location. Right next to us a huge leasure park called DREAMISLAND will open its doors. More then 40 facilities, a splendid garden park, a concert hall, a yachting school, toy shops, as well as the 25 metres high castle of the snow queen, will be open to the public then. 

Have a look at the website DREAMISLAND how fast the nearly 93 hectare area will look in the next future. Soon you can freely move around on the foot paths as well as the bicycle tracks and use the many playgrounds and sport faciliies.

Traffic jam free around Moscow.

Metro station Technopark.

The German Centre Moscow is only 200 metres away from the metro station Technopark.

Without changing trains you will reach:  

  • the Kremlin in 12 minutes
  • the airport express train to Domodedovo in six minutes and the one to
  • Sheremetjevo in 16 minutes

There is no better way to travel around Moscow than by metro! 

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