19 September. Meet: Russian-German Chamber of Commerce! Business Dating in German Centre Moscow

This event in business dating format will certainly open up new opportunities for you to do business in Russia.

This event is intended as a platform for establishing new contacts and exchanging information and, of course, will open up new opportunities for you to do business in Russia. The Russian-German Chamber has over 800 member companies and is the most dynamically growing foreign business associ­ation in the country. The Russian-German VTP advises, accompanies projects, represents the interests of German and other foreign companies wishing to build or expand their business in Russia, as well as the interests of Russian member firms in Germany.

Russian-German supports foreign investors in the following issues:
• Establishing contacts and representing interests at the highest level
• Building and maintaining a network of contacts, exchange of information
• First-hand collection of marketing information
• Search for partners and customers
• Raising fame and recognition
• Consulting and business support services in Russia
You will find more information about the program and the registration form here.

Limited number of seats. (Only 1 repre­sen­tative from the company).

Working language: Russian